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Dave Forrest presents WHODUNIT?

The WHODUNIT? cards will allow you to play infinite variations of the famous board game with your participants but, with one massive difference… there is no mystery from your point of view!

A set of sixteen cards, featuring all the usual suspects, all the usual weapons, all the usual locations. However, every card is boldly marked on the back to let the operator know, without fail, the identity of each and every card!

“Dave has turned the game CLUE into that most satisfying of things: a stunning mentalism routine using props the audience is familiar with. Mind-reading, predictions, synchronicity and more – these gorgeous cards allow you to perform them all with ease. Highly recommended.”
– Mark Elsdon

WHODUNIT? gives you three strong, direct hits right out of the box. That alone is awesome but it also gives you a whole world of scope to add your own presentations and make it your own. I really can’t recommend this enough.”
– Alan Rorrison

WHODUNIT? is a fun, interactive, and plot-driven piece of mentalism that can be carried at all times. What’s not to like? Highly recommended!”
– James Went

WHODUNIT? Dave Forrest did. But I wish I had! This is the perfect bit of mentalism for all performers, great routine and props. Nice work again Dave… you clever bastard!”
– Liam Montier

The 50 minute WHODUNIT? instructional video download covers three powerhouse routines, performed and then fully explained. But, these routines are just the tip of the iceberg…

YOU WILL RECEIVE: Immediate access to the downloadable instructional video. The props will be shipped to you.

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